Can we wash your vehicle?

Our dual belt conveyors mean that every wash is smoother and safer. We can wash more types of vehicles than other car washes, including dually trucks and lowered sports cars. Can we wash yours? See our guidelines below:


We work diligently to make sure that our wash is safe for all vehicles. We ask our guests to ensure their vehicle is safe to wash before entering the tunnel. If you do not have a fixed antenna, please lower or remove it before washing. If you are unsure your vehicle is safe to wash, please ask.

 Washtopia is NOT responsible for damage due to driver error or negligence (including in-tunnel collisions).
Claims MUST be made before leaving the premises.

Vehicles we cannot wash:

  • Trucks with debris and loose items in an open bed
  • Vehicles where front fenders do not cover the tires
  • Vehicles with 5th wheels
  • Vehicles with excessive mud
  • Vehicles with trailer hitches

We cannot assume responsibility for:

  • Modified or aftermarket accessories or parts including rims, roof racks, rear racks, bug shields, etc.
  • Vehicles with pre-existing damage, loose or rusted parts
  • Windshields (cracks or damage)
  • Antenna fins