Open the last three Friday and Saturday nights in October

HOURS: 8pm – 11pm

Presented by Washtopia, Tunnel of Terror is a unique drive-through Haunted Car Wash Attraction that runs during the month of October.

Discover disturbing sights and sounds as you wind your way to the entrance of the Tunnel of Terror. When you do enter, there is no escape until you reach the other side… and your car won’t protect you from the horrors that await.

Admission is per vehicle, so bring all your friends to experience the sights, sounds and scares at Washtopia’s Tunnel of Terror.


Will I get a clean car?
For the safety of our Crew and Scarers, much of the tunnel equipment and chemicals are turned off. While your vehicle will probably be a little cleaner than when you went in, please remember that this special event is designed to deliver more creepy scares than clean cars.

What happens if it is raining?
Because the Tunnel of Terror is experienced from your vehicle, the event will run if there is light rain. If serious storms or heavy rain is predicted, the event will be canceled for the evening. Follow us on Social Media for updates.

Can I take photos or video?
Yes! We encourage you to grab cool photos and video. Tag @washtopia and #TunnelofTerror22 and we might repost your photos/vids with credit.

How much does it cost?
Tickets are $20 for VIP Members and $25 for non-members and include a free XL t-shirt.

Is the price per person, or per vehicle?
Tickets are sold per vehicle, so bring all your friends and pile in! Because this is a car wash, please do not seat anyone in open pickup beds.

How long is the wait in line?
It depends. We have ample room for queueing and are able to move vehicles through fairly quickly, so even with long lines, we expect wait time to be relatively minimal.

How long does it take to go through?
Our haunted car wash experience begins when you enter the site and are still in line. The actual tunnel portion of the event is about 3-4 minutes, followed by another 3-5 minutes in the parking lot as you exit.